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Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Licence Queensland

Scope of work

  • Install, commission, service or repair refrigeration, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and air handling systems for a building
  • Design and prepare plans and specifications for:
    • refrigeration systems for a building, or
    • air conditioning and mechanical ventilation and air handling systems for a building:
      • that is not more than 3 storeys, and
      • that has a floor area of not more than 2000m², and
      • for which the plant capacity for any 1 system for the building is not more than 34kW
      • that do not form part of a fire or smoke hazard management system for the building
    • but, only if the plans and specifications are:
      • for the licensee’s personal use, or
      • for use in building work to be performed by the licensee personally.

Qualifications required for your trade license

Any one of the following:

  • successful completion of either of the following courses:
    • Certificate III in Airconditioning and Refrigeration UEE32211
    • an apprenticeship in refrigeration and airconditioning
    • Certificate III in Engineering Mechanical Trade (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) MEM30205
  • successful completion of a course the commission considers equivalent to one of the courses above
  • a recognition certificate as a qualified refrigeration and airconditioning mechanic
  • a qualification or statement of attainment of required competency for the class of licence.

Please contact your state’s licensing body for up to date information as requirements do change. ITEC Australia is not an RTO or licensing body

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