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Plumbing & Drainage Trade Licence Queensland

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    In Queensland, a plumbing licence permits you to perform all forms of plumbing and drainage work, as well as related building and repair work, without  supervision. With this licence, you can work in commercial and residential settings. This licence will allow you to conduct water plumbing, gasfitting work, fire protection, and draining installation and repair. If you are registered, your employers can trust you as a reliable professional who is aware of standard industry practices.

    Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) regulates all matters related to plumbing licensing in Queensland. Plumbing is categorised into drainage and plumbing. Gas plumbing licensing is handled by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

    The three plumbing licence classes include:

    • Provisional Plumbers Licence – This plumbers licence is available to tradies who have completed a plumbing apprenticeship. This provisional licence is the first step towards a complete occupational licence. During the time that you have your provisional licence, you can complete your educational requirements or gain professional experience.
    • Occupational / Open Licence – Applicants must have completed a minimum of one year as a provisional licence holder before applying for this plumbers licence.
    • Plumbing & Drainage Contractor / Nominee Supervisor – Individuals who have completed the Certificate IV in Plumbing and are able to meet the associated financial requirements, may apply for this licence.

    The purpose of this licence is to regulate the construction and building sector. A plumbing licence issued by QBCC is required for any type of commercial, industrial, or domestic drainage, plumbing, or gasfitting work in Queensland.


    Each state has its own set of regulatory requirements. This is done to ensure that all plumbers have similar levels of education and training.

    The QBCC states that in order to qualify for a Queensland drainage or plumbing licence, you must complete:

    • Certificate III in Plumbing (CPC32413) or Certificate III in Plumbing (Mechanical Services) with sanitary stream included
    • Certificate III in Plumbing (CPC32513)

    Additional requirements may include the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (CPC40912), which consists of the following units of competency:

    • Carry Out Work-Based Risk Control Processes (CPCPCM4011A)
    • Design and Size Sanitary Plumbing Systems (CPCPSN4011B)
    • Design and Size Sanitary Drainage Systems (CPCPDR4011B)
    • Design and Size Stormwater Drainage Systems (CPCPDR4012B)
    • Design and Size Heated And Cold Water Services And Systems (CPCPWT4011B)
    • Design and Size Domestic Treatment Plant Disposal Systems (CPCPDR4013B)
    • Estimate and Cost Work (CPCPCM4012A)
    • Establish Legal and Risk Management Requirements Of Small Business (BSBSMB401) or

    successful completion of the following units of competency from the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services CPC40920 —

    • Carry out work-based risk control processes CPCPCM4011;
    • Estimate and cost work CPCPCM4012;
    • Design and size sanitary drainage systems CPCPDR4011;
    • Design and size stormwater drainage systems CPCPDR4012;
    • Design and size domestic treatment plant disposal systems CPCPDR4013;
    • Design and size sanitary plumbing systems CPCPSN4011;
    • Design and size heated and cold-water services and systems CPCPWT4011;
    • Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures BSBESB402;

    How to Apply

    Follow these three steps to apply for your plumbers licence in Queensland:

    • Visit your nearest Queensland Government Access Centre or the QBCC website to obtain the application forms.
    • Attach all the supporting documents. A complete list of documents and application requirements can be found on QBCC’s website. If you are a trade contractor, provide ample demonstration that you have completed the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services.
    • Mail or deliver your application in person to the QBCC offices.

    Please contact your state’s licensing body for up to date information as requirements do change. The QBCC website is the best source for all updated information. ITEC Australia is not an RTO or licensing body. We are unable to provide licences, but we can assist you in obtaining one. Our professionals can examine your employment history and qualifications and guide you through the next steps in obtaining a licence.

    Next Steps for your Licence

    By taking into account your prior experience, education and skills, the ITEC team can aid you in getting an official qualification. If you wish to pursue new career options or re-enter the industry, formal certifications and state licences can help you progress your career.

    We make the licensing process easier for you by linking you with specialists who can give you personalised assistance based on your professional history and goals.

    Please get in touch with our team to see how we can help. You can call us at 1300 535 922 or email us at info@itecounsel.com.

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