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Concreting Licence Western Australia

Building and construction trade licences are issued by the Building Services Board in Western Australia.
Only registered builders with a building permit may carry out building work totalling $20,000 or more, according to the Builder’s Registration Act of 2011. A licenced builder must also carry a building permit to do building work, such as concreting to the same value.
Concreting is covered under the building licence in Western Australia, and concreters have access to two types of licences. Registered builders must have one or both:
Building Practitioner Licence – This allows the practitioner to carry out building work, or to act as a nominated building supervisor. Building Contractor Licence – This allows the individual to enter into contracts, appoint nominated supervisors and hire subcontractors. Under the building contractor licenses, are three sub-licences, namely:

  • company or body corporate
  • individual
  • partnership


An applicant who wishes to qualify for a Western Australian trade licence for concreters must possess a nationally recognised qualification, such as the Certificate III in Concreting CPC30313, which demonstrates their general concreting skills, including:

  • Compacting
  • Vibrating
  • Pumping
  • Concrete Spreading
  • Finishing and curing
  • Using concreting machinery

How to Apply

To apply for registration as a building practitioner and obtaining a concreting licence in Western Australia, follow these simple steps:

  • Complete the application forms that are required for your chosen set or pathway.
  • Attach all the required supporting documents.
  • Pay the applicable licence fees.

To apply for registration as a building contractor and obtaining a concreting licence in Western Australia, follow these simple steps:

  • Complete the application form for Partnership, Company / Body Corporate, or Individual registration.
  • Provide the supporting documents and relevant information.
  • Pay the registration and application fees.

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