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    The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) handles the registration and licensing of building practitioners and similar trades. According to the QBCC, carpentry falls under the trade contractor licence, which allows the carpenter to apply as a trade contractor, nominee supervisor or site supervisor.

    A carpentry licence is required by both individuals or companies that engage in building work that exceeds $3,300 (incl. materials and labour), as well as other conditions.
    A QBCC carpentry licence is not required if the work is carried out by:

    • an employee of a licensee
    • a sub-trade contractor for a licenced trade contractor
    • an unlicensed person in partnership with a licensee
    • an owner working on his or her property under a permit or at a value below $11,000.
    • an employee who checks or oversees the standards of the building work according to the plans and specifications.


    • successful completion of either of the following courses —
      • apprenticeship in carpentry;
      • Certificate III in Carpentry CPC30220;
    • successful completion of a course the commission considers is at least equivalent to a course mentioned in paragraph (a);
    • a recognition certificate as a qualified carpenter;
    • a qualification or statement of attainment of required competency for the class of licence.

    The QBCC has certain benchmarks that you need to meet as a candidate. Fulfilling this baseline criteria of experience and education will allow you to become a registered carpenter. The qualifying conditions for each licence type are different and need to be met.

    The QBCC states that the applicant must be fit and suitable to operate machinery within a construction or building zone. Each applicant must have been granted authorisation to work in Queensland (citizen, visa, Immicard). If you are operating under a trading name, company, partnership, or trust, you must produce photographic verification of your identity as well as evidence of your business structure.

    There are other technical managerial and financial requirements that vary according to your citizenship status, career profile and desired career path.

    How to Apply

    In order to apply for a trade contractor licence to be a carpenter in Queensland, you need to complete the Trade Contractor’s Licence Application Form and provide the QBCC with the following:

    • Technical qualifications applicable to the relevant licence class
    • Proof of identity
    • Financial information proving compliance with the QBCC’s minimum requirements
    • Certificate of completion of the relevant managerial course
    • Current copy of Record of Registration from Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) if you are entering into an agreement as a contractor under a trading name
    • Proof of the business partnership or an original or certified copy of QBCC’s Statutory Declaration for Partnership Agreement, if entering into a deal as a contractor under a partnership

    Nominee Supervisor applicants must complete the Nominee Supervisor Licence Application Form (no experience) and submit the following supporting documents:

    • Proof of identity
    • Technical qualifications
    • Evidence of 2-4 years worth of experience
    • Certificate of completion of a relevant managerial course
    • 3 written references or referees

    Supervisor licence applicants must provide:

    • Completed Site Supervisor Licence Application Form
    • Documents proving technical qualifications

    Difference licence fees will apply to the difference grades or licence classes. The QBCC website has all the details regarding application fee. You can lodge your application in person at the nearest QBCC office, or by mail.

    Next Steps for your Licence

    By taking into account your prior experience and skills, the Skills Certified team can aid you in getting an official qualification. If you want to pursue new opportunities or re-enter the industry, this can help you enhance your career. Your path to certification is through Skills Certified.

    We simplify the licensing process by connecting you with professionals who can provide personalised guidance based on your professional experience and goals.

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