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Building Licence Western Australia

Anyone who works as a building practitioner or nominated supervisor for a building contractor must be registered by the Building Services Board to to perform building work exceeding $20,000. However, if you wish to perform permit contracting for clients, you must register as a building services contractor.


Western Australia Building Services Board offers five sets of registration pathways, designed to suit your experience and qualifications.

Set 1


  • CPC50210 Diploma of Building Construction or Equivalent
  • 7+ years of building and or supervision
  • Form 05 Building Practitioners Set 1 initial application

Set 2


  • Be registered under Architects Act 2004 registration or member of:
  • Royal Australian Institute of Architects Level 1 or 2;
    • Institute of Engineers Australia (Member / Fellow / Chartered Professional Engineer); or
    • Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (Member / Fellow)
  • 5+ years building construction supervising experience
  • Form 06 Building Practitioner Set 2 Initial Application

Set 3


  • Australian Institute of Building membership (Member / Fellow)
  • 5+ years building, supervision or construction management experience
  • Form 07 Building Practitioner Set 3 Initial Application

Set 4


  • 5+ years experience in managing or supervising building construction (sufficient enough to provide skills and knowledge equivalent to that of a person in possession of a CPC50210 Diploma of Building Construction)
  • Form 08 Building Practitioner Set 4 Initial Application

Set 5


  • 7+ years of building experience outside the area of the Board’s jurisdiction in carrying out building work
  • Sufficient enough to provide skills and knowledge equivalent to that of a person in possession of a CPC50210 Diploma of Building Construction
  • Form 09 Building Practitioner Set 5 Initial Application

How to Apply

In order to apply for a builders license in WA, the applicant must have the required experience and qualifications for the applicable set. Furthermore, applicants are required to be fit and proper, and must submit all the relevant forms and fees:

  • Application fee – $200.00
  • Licence fee – $287.50 (18 months) or $575.00 (3 years)

Application fees are payable on submission of the application, and are refundable in the event of unsuccessful registration. The process takes up to 3 months, and applicants will be notified as to the outcome by mail.

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