Well! You achieved a degree from an engineering university, or you got an in the Engineering Job Sectors industry. Now, you might be concerned about the jobs and your career. If you want to make growth in your career, the first thing you need to know is what type of vacancies are available in the Australian job market.

For a primary level job in this industry, has various opportunities for the freshers who have graduated recently from an engineering college? Moreover, there have lots of potential job sectors in the engineering industry.

In general, most jobs in the engineering department require experienced and skilled candidates. Based on skills, the engineering job sectors are categorized. From the bottom line to the upper level, every engineering employment has an expected salary range.

Some companies may even offer much more remuneration than your idea in this industry. Those are some specific positions that are not available to get hired without having years of experience. Thinking of all those engineering job areas has different promising pay and committed job security in Australia.

Here we will talk about some well-paid engineering jobs that have high demands in the Australian job professions.

10 Best Well-Paid Engineering Job Sectors in Australia

1. Mine Engineer

Job Context: The mining engineers are assigned to do technical support in the mining operations. Their main job involves mining construction projects for project supply procurements calculation, an anthology of mining grounds, selection of mining tools and machinery, etc.

Before any mining project starts, Mining engineers estimate all the relevant capital and equipment for mining operations. They also record the informative report of supplies and reserves of capital. In the field, they are the priority supervisors to maintain trouble issues, improve productivity and control the cost efficiency in the mine set.

The Approximate salary ranges (Yearly): AUD 85,000 (Initially) to AUD 170,000 (For late-career ).

2. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers are allocated for various retrieving oil and natural gas projects from beneath the earth’s surface. Most petroleum engineers get the charge in oil retrieving companies, and the rest have opportunities in research centers or universities as associate lecturers. 

Some engineers work in the field gesture and help to prospect in terms of cost, human resources, and work equipment on drilling/pumping sites. Others have tasks in construction operations to look after the outcome and create reports based on the overall site state. 

The Approximate salary ranges (Yearly): AUD 78,000 (Initially) to AUD 180,000 (For late-career ).

3. Nuclear Engineer

Job Context: Nuclear engineers are responsible for developing the analysis processes for nuclear energy and radiation development projects. They do research, design atomic energy systems, and oversee equipment development, testing, and reactor maintenance.

In addition, nuclear engineers are in the assessment part of nuclear technical performance, monitor the core application, nuclear experiment, and the optimizations of new methodologies by expertise.

The Approximate salary ranges (Yearly): AUD 67,000 (Initially) to AUD 120,000 (For late-career ).

4. Biomedical Engineer


Job Context: Biomedical engineers play supportive roles in medical research and bioproducts. The primary job is to work as a team in the relevant field of study in chemistry. In addition, they have to work in different subfields tasks in the experimental practices, monitoring jobs, communicating with technical engineers, etc. Most experienced and skilled biomedical engineers engage in robotic surgery operations and other required medicine sections.

The Approximate salary range (Yearly): AUD 50,000(Initially) to AUD 90,000 (For late-career )

5. Aeronautical Engineer

 Job Context: Aeronautical engineers usually work for the government defense ministry. For any specific security clearance, an aeronautical engineer needs special access, which the government provides. They mainly work on the aerospace design and oversee aircraft, missiles, and satellite development. They also maintain confidential projects, others security, and functional tasks and assign for any prototype test.

The Approximate salary ranges (Yearly): AUD 62,000 (Initially) to AUD 115,000 (For late-career ).

6. Industrial Engineer

Job Context: Most industrial engineers serve in the manufacturing and environmental industries. Industrial engineers are hired to utilize the lower line workers for any manufacturing development process, improving machinery and other resources operation in proper analysis. They need to adopt various strategies to make more efficient production and create new forms of components to work to their proficiency.

The Approximate salary ranges (Yearly): AUD 47,000 (Initially) to AUD 105,000 (For late-career ).

7. Quantity Surveyor Engineer

Job Context: A quantity surveyor engineer handle multitasks on different clients and the production sector as a quality controller. They consider construction and engineering cost consultants for different clients. From the position of a quantity surveyor, they are referred for project manager in a big manufacturing company for quality and quantity assurance.

The Approximate salary ranges (Yearly): AUD 57,000 (Initially) to AUD 103,000 (For late-career ).

8. Production or Plant Engineer

Job Context: A production and plant engineer works in a management and supervisory position for manufacturing plant operations. They work on the construction of a new product and do plant functions to ensure quality. The plant manager maintains the facilities of quality control, design, logistics, and maintenance of the product standards.

The Approximate salary ranges (Yearly): AUD 76,000 (Initially) to AUD 110,000 (For late-career ).

9. Civil Engineer  

Job Context: The initial responsibilities of a civil engineer are to plan, design, and manage construction projects, and other repairing jobs in construction. They do analysis, survey, and complete the activities with professional architectures. Civil engineers do model work in various building industries and also for government development businesses and workshops.

The Approximate salary ranges (Yearly): AUD 76,000 (Initially) to AUD 110,000 (For late-career ).

10 . Mechanical Engineer

Job Context: A mechanical engineer engages in various communication duties, like developing, making, designing, and testing new or existing mechanical devices. Based on multiple projects, they have an essential role in using their skills to perform manufacturing equipment and industry-related technical missions.

The Approximate salary ranges (Yearly): AUD 77,000 (Initially) to AUD 108,000 (For late-career ).


Nothing is easy to achieve in the job sector, and you can’t even jump into the highest-paid job without having zero experience. Now all you need to know is which position you are capable of and can bloom your career. From the upper discussion, you will learn about some best-paid job categories in the Engineering sectors. In Australia, those are the highest-paid work for an engineering background.