Cooking is your passion, and you know passionate jobs are always best. Moreover, you always like to do experiments with your cooking skills which results in a great outcome. But only having experience and creative ideas won’t let you go long. Along with that, starting a career as a cook may let you surf in a good position. To become an intermediate cook to a professional chef, you might need to focus on your cookery skills and step into a food career line.

There are many different cookery jobs available in many food chain restaurants and independent cookery professions. The cookery business field is vast, and the best opportunities are roaming around to make proficient in a cooking career. Consequently, people of any age or gender are showing more interest in cookery businesses or occupations. If you are interested in knowing more about the cookery industry, what are the best job opportunities in cookery? Then simply read further to bloom your career in the cookery industry.

What are The Job Opportunities in Cookery Industry?

Restaurant Chef

With your qualifications and career experience, you can become a restaurant chef or chief cook in a renowned hotel or restaurant. At least you should have 10-15 years of cooking experience to become one of the senior chefs for such platforms. Even some chefs are well trained in specialized areas, and they only hire for particular kitchens. From assistant cook to executive chef, saucier, or even you can be a food grade manager in restaurants. The pay is well for such positions.

Online Cook Tutor

Many people are showing more interest in online tutoring about food or bakery cooking. Also, they are doing great to provide cooking classes for their online fans or viewers. Considerably, the numbers are growing, and most famous cooks are also opening their online platforms to promote their cooking skills. Besides, they offer various cooking classes via online recording or by individual presence. Moreover, online cook tutors also earn a good amount of money from tutoring multiple cooking techniques and sharing food knowledge.

Personal Chef

Acquiring proper qualifications and outstanding cooking skills, you can apply to become a personal chef for any government organization, mansion, corporate building, or any authorized kitchen chef for the country’s royal people. Even many VIPs require to have a personal chef for their daily meals and the program’s food arrangements. However, becoming a personal chef is not easy. You should have excellent cooking skills and a dynamic portfolio to enter this career line as a private chef. 


Event Caterer 

If you have outstanding management skills and add that part, you are also very much ambitious to make a good career line in cook. Becoming an event caterer is an excellent choice. To become an event food cook or chef can turn your personal work holding from one regular chef. Catering Chef is assigned to coordinate with preparation, delivering, and serving of meals in order to meet client’s demands based on the selective menu and event types. An event caterer is responsible for ensuring and providing a quality food menu to meet the expectation of the customer through advanced tastings and practice runs.

Baking and Pastry Chef

It is a very fun-loving job to do baking or pastry. Just by following the recipes, show your creation to make sweets and savory pastries. Even making a family-size cake is a matter of hours for a pastry chef. Applying calculative skills and details focus, a baking chef can measure and mix the cookery ingredients to ensure high-grade items. A baking and pastry cook can make colorful and flavored pastries, cakes, pies, sweetbreads, and more to offer various sweets. Though they take orders to make customize food items on request and requirements for the clients. You can earn in Certificate III in Cake and Pastry (FBP30317) to become a registered baker or cake decorator.

Cloud Catering Service

Nowadays, many housewives and house ladies are pretty much interested in this cloud catering business. Within a short period, it becomes one of the most booming businesses in many cities and states in Australia. It is not very formative to construct a cloud catering business, and anyone can start this business from their place. Providing 1 or 2 meals for the exciting employees in corporate houses or office buildings is the primary goal of this catering service.

Recipe Developer

Let’s say you are very talented and very much focused on cooking. Moreover, you are well-qualified as the main chef for restaurants or almost going to retire from this job very recently. Then you might have enough potential to expand your food knowledge with others. Also, you love to experiment with new food items and note them as your best creation. So, one of the suitable positions for you is to turn to another phase of your career as a recipe developer.


If you are really into cooking, you must have excellent ideas about chocolate and other related items. Your prime duties are to make chocolate and leverage the essential production skills, including tempering, dipping, molding, decorating, and sculpting. Professional qualification is recommended to become a well-known chocolatier. To shine in the cookery business and fulfill the chocolate shelf,

 Line Cook

You never know what can bring you from a line cook or assistant chef. This is an intermediate job as a restaurant chef. The primary duties of a line cook are to help and assist the sous chef and the main chef while preparing ingredients and tracking all the dishes that are prepared as per the customer’s order. Sometimes line cook is in charge of maintaining restaurant standards and customer specifications under the policies. To become a line cook, along with vast cooking knowledge, there should be interpersonal skills like creativity, time management, active listening, and well-organized skills.


You can blend into any cookery job by collecting formal education and training in cooking techniques and pastry arts. Some restaurants require to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in cooking according to the job positions. Having a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (SIT30816) will give you preferences for cookery job opportunities in Australia. At the same time, you can learn complete hands-on training and earn a minimum amount of money in the apprenticeships until you are qualified as a professional cook.