Are you an international student and want to grow your career as a certified tradesperson in Australia? A career in a trade occupation can be a great way to build a stable career. Moreover, skilled tradespeople are in high demand all over the country. With the right qualifications and skills, you can have a great future in any trade. 

However, many international students are confused when choosing a trade course or qualification. Today, we are going to discuss the top 05 trade courses in Australia. These courses are great for building a solid resume and career in this country. The courses are great for international students as well. So let’s take a look!    

The Growing Demand for Trade Courses and Qualifications in Australia 

According to recent reports, Australia is suffering from a huge shortage of skilled workers in different trade occupations. For example, the construction industry is experiencing a boom. However, there aren’t enough builders to fill all the positions. So skilled builders with formal qualifications obtained from building and construction diploma courses are in great demand. 

This is just one of the numerous trade industries and sectors that are looking for skilled and certified workers. Therefore, a trade occupation can be a fantastic choice for international students. There are numerous job openings throughout the country that can provide you with good financial and job security. 

05 Awesome Trade Courses for International Students in Australia 

Let’s talk about the top 05 trade courses in Australia one by one. We will discuss these courses briefly and talk about the core units of each course as well. 

1. CPC50220 – Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) 

Getting a diploma of building and construction can take your career in the construction industry to the next level. It’s an advanced qualification and can add great value to your resume. Having this diploma is essential for getting a builder’s licence in some states and territories of Australia. Therefore, we highly recommend this course to international students. 

The core units of this diploma course cover important topics such as: 

  • Technical reports of construction projects 
  • Building codes and standards 
  • Tender documentation 
  • Building plans and specifications 

2. CPC30220 – Certificate III in Carpentry 

Most of the carpenters in Australia are employed in the construction industry. Therefore, you have the option to open your own carpentry business or shift to the construction industry after getting a carpentry qualification. Carpentry is an awesome occupation where you can merge your creativity with practical skills. Moreover, you can explore several styles of carpentry. 

You’ll learn more about essential carpentry skills from this course, including: 

  • Carpentry equipment and power tools 
  • Different types of carpentry material 
  • Installation of wooden structures 
  • Work hazards and safety 

3. CPC41020 – Certificate IV in Demolition 

Demolishers are as important as builders in the construction industry. Demolishing a structure safely and efficiently requires capable and trained individuals. You can become a certified demolisher with this course. It can also help you if you apply for a demolition licence. There are different types of licences based on the scope of your work. 

This course will give you a clear picture of this occupation through topics like: 

  • Planning the demolition of a structure 
  • Managing a team at demolition sites 
  • Operational activities during the demolition 
  • Safety regulations during work 

4. CPC40920 – Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services 

Plumbing can be a great career option in Australia. Certified and skilled plumbers are needed all over the country. In fact, plumbers are essential for maintaining the drainage systems of any house. There is no doubt that more plumbing jobs will be available in the future due to the ever-growing urbanisation. So you can take a look at this certification in plumbing. 

This is the perfect course for learning more about various topics in plumbing, such as: 

  • Plumbing techniques 
  • Drainage and plumbing systems 
  • Gas installations and sanitation systems 
  • Regulatory requirements 

5. CPC30320 – Certificate III in Concreting 

As mentioned before, the construction industry is rapidly growing in Australia. Skilled concreters are employed at numerous public and private construction projects in every state and territory. Having a formal certification like the Certificate III in Concreting can be very useful for starting a career in this field. Many training providers also provide concreting apprenticeships

This course covers all of the basics of concreting. Some of the topics covered in this course are: 

  • Concreting methods and techniques 
  • Hand excavation and levelling procedures 
  • Construction industry practices 
  • Concreting tools and material 

How to Obtain a Trade Qualification in Australia 

You can obtain a formal trade qualification in a number of ways. You can enrol in a course at a recognised training provider. You have to attend online or face-to-face classes and pass the assessment exams to obtain the certification. Some courses, like the carpentry courses, also include apprenticeships. 


There are several training providers all over the country that offer the trade courses discussed in this article. We hope that you now have a better idea of these trending courses. Take some time and do some research before choosing a training provider or course. You should choose a course that aligns with your career goals and preferences. All the best!