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Plumbing & Drainage Trade Licence New South Wales

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    Any individual wishing to perform any type of commercial, industrial or residential draining, plumbing, or gasfitting work in New South Wales must possess a plumbing license issued by New South Wales Fair Trading.
    NSW plumbing licences are limited to water, sanitary and sewerage plumbing only. Roof plumbing is covered by a subclass under residential building work and drainage is covered by a different specialist licence class.
    Within the plumbing licence classes, you may obtain additional classes to add to your plumbing licence, provided you have fulfilled the required academic and experiential requirements. The streams include:

    • Water plumbing
    • Water plumbing for urban irrigation, fire sprinkler systems and fire protection systems
    • Drainage
    • Roof Plumbing
    • Gasfitting
    • LP Gasfitting (restricted LP gasfitting)


    Applicants require any of the following qualifications to obtain a plumbing licence in NSW:

    • Certificate III in Plumbing
    • BCP30103/CPC32408/CPC32411/CPC32412/CPC32413, + the sanitary stream
    • BCP30103/CPC32408/CPC32411/CPC32412/CPC32413, + the sanitary stream + an apprenticeship in plumbing
    • a Plumbing apprenticeship + Certificate III in Plumbing

    How to Apply

    Applying for a plumbing licence, you would typically need to complete the application forms and checklists, and submit the required supporting documents, which can be obtained from the NSW Fair Trading website or your nearest Service NSW or Government Access Centre. The application should be delivered in person to one of the above offices.

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