Thinking of your comprehensive experience in the construction industry as a builder, you may have a certain quality to meet the client’s needs. But having such experience won’t last you to run long if you don’t have such qualification certificates. Usually, it is pretty expensive and time-consuming to perform an academic degree in the building and construction subject at your age. Also, you may not be able to focus on the adequacy of study and the current profession. However, it’s not late to make the changes on board. Your prior knowledge and skills will help to bloom your construction business. Moreover, it will help you to make career development and grow confidence in you as a builder.

Now getting a builder’s license is a more straightforward process with some easier steps in Australia. You can convert your working knowledge into a nationally recognized qualification with an RPL certificate in the construction industry. Some of the RPL courses like CP C40110-Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) and CPC40508-Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Site Management) are the main focus of are designed to accelerate along with your existing learning and training in the building industry. Go through the blog to understand how the RPL course will help you grow your career in the construction business and working industries by following the structural principles and legal obligations. 

Some of The Common Reasons to Earn an RPL Qualifications

Easy Assessment

With some easy steps, you can earn an RPL certificate in your preferable industry. All you just need to follow the 4/5 steps of the RPL assessment program. First, do a free skills assessment from an educational counsel agency, then submit evidence of prior experience, later skilled check by RTO, and finally get qualified.

Cost Friendly

This accredited recognition learning program is very much cost friendly than the formal qualification in industrial courses. With a standard amount of fee, you will be eligible to earn an RPL-qualified certificate as a builder, which is much lower than the university’s degree cost.

Minimum Experience

Anyone with minimum working experience can apply for an RPL certificate. At least 12 months of post-trade certificate experience is a number to qualify for certifications I and II in construction. Along with that, who has more experience will be certified with more advanced RPL course qualification.

Save Time 

The RPL qualification doesn’t take much time to settle. If you go for a university degree or a short diploma course in the building industry, it will take at least 3-4 years to complete. But getting an RPL qualification certificate within a week is enormous scope for you to save time.

Get Qualified in Weeks

Usually, the RPL assessment program is done by the RTO agency, and also, they do the rest of the procedure until you finally get your desired certificates. So, all you just need is to submit the required papers and documentation and wait for years…! Oh no, just for seven days to get qualified.

Easy Documentations

Depending on your prior learning and previous working involvement, you can pick up an appointment for an RPL certificate qualification. You have to submit the Evidence Portfolio, including an updated resume, reference letters, work examples/samples, photos/videos, certificates and transcripts, and overseas qualifications in construction industries.


Nationally Recognized Qualifications

RPL accredited qualification is approved by the Nationally Recognized in Australia. The RPL providers are known as Registered Training Organizations (RTO), which are doing active operations using the Australian Qualifications Framework. So, an RPL certificate will significantly value your career in the building and construction industry.

Enhanced Career Opportunities 

In this Covid situation, most educational institutions get closed off, and people cannot complete their graduate program in construction qualification courses. So, having an RPL will help you get qualified for the authentic qualification, and an RPL holder always prioritizes the job field over others.

Vast opportunities to Earn More 

The more you qualify for the advanced-level building and construction certificate, the more your expected salary will increase. With an advanced certificate, you can grow your work line and get a promotion from worker to the manager-level position. That means it is an easy process to earn a better salary.

Get Certified while at Work

You don’t need to keep waiting for your RPL assessment program or miss your regular work schedules. Just hand over the relevant documents and wait for the assessment tests. Even some trials are taken online. But in the case of the majority, you don’t need to worry about your workflow.

Available RPL courses in Building and Construction Industries in Australia:

  • CPC101 11- Certificate I in Construction
  • CPC20112- Certificate II in Construction
  • CPC30111- Certificate III in BricklayingBlock laying
  • CPC3 0611-Certificat e III in Painting and Decorating 
  • CPC31211-Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining
  • CPC3 1411-Certificat e III in Construction Waterproofing
  • CPC32011-Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery
  • CPC3 2413-Certificat e III in Plumbing
  • CPC40110- Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)
  • CPC 40508-Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Site Management)

RPL Diploma Courses:

  • CPC50 210-Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
  • CPC 60212-Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction ( Management)


Successors Stories of RPL in Building  and Construction Industries;

‘Mark o Jesic’

Just completed my cert 4 in building and construction. My instructor was unreal with his experience and knowledge in the building game. Classes were done through zoom meetings while at home, which made the experience even more enjoyable. Highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in furthering their career.

‘Shan e Loveridge’

I completed my certificate 4 in the building recently. Not only was it great to be able to complete my studies at home, but I was also able to do it at my own pace. Class being once a week via zoom and assessment times being flexible, it made it easy to fit this course into my week, which involves running my own construction company. My teacher always thoroughly explained things and would take the time to help with any queries outside of class too! Can highly recommend this course and the trainer without a second thought!



In Australia, many people are now adopting the RPL qualification as a vital element to growing their careers. Especially in the building and construction industry, it has a great demand among Australians. So, here we talk about the importance of the RPL building course that helps to grow your career as a builder. Furthermore, let’s get to know how an RPL assessment works that can build a bright future in Australia.