Do you want to build your career as a tradesperson in Australia? A trade job can be an excellent and profitable career path. Most of these trade sectors in the country need an additional workforce. Many trade jobs are well known for their fantastic financial incentives.  

If you don’t like the idea of a regular desk job, a trade occupation can be a suitable option for you. Today, we will discuss Australia’s top 05 trade jobs and related trade courses. We will also talk about how you can obtain a trade certification. So let’s take a look!      

Why is There a Huge Demand for Skilled Tradespeople in Australia?   

Before discussing the top trade jobs in Australia, we will talk about the demand for skilled tradespeople in the country. Australia is facing an acute shortage of skilled workforce. Businesses all over the nation are looking for skilled and certified tradespeople. Therefore, this is the perfect time to enter the country’s trade industry.  

The sectors that we will discuss in our article require skilled and expert workers. So you can choose one of these jobs to build a stable career.     

Top 05 Trade Jobs in Australia and the Related Courses   

Let us now go through the top 05 trade jobs in Australia. We will give an overview of each job and discuss the related courses.   

1. Carpenter and Joiner   

Carpentry and joinery are closely related jobs at the top of our list. You have to use various manual tools and machines to build wooden structures for houses and other sites. Depending on the project, you may have to work with other types of material. Some of the typical duties of a carpenter or joiner are:  

  • Construct or install wooden structures  
  • Make fittings by cutting and shaping timber  
  • Use a range of materials like wood and plywood  

Related courses: Certificate III in Carpentry (Course code: CPC30220) and Certificate III in Joinery (Course code: CPC31920)    

2. Automotive Mechanic   

You can consider becoming an automotive mechanic if you love cars and engines. Car sales have risen in the country compared to the last year. This information means that more automotive mechanics are needed in the country. As an automotive mechanic, you have to look for issues in vehicles and fix those problems. Therefore, some of your primary job responsibilities will be:

  • Look for complicated system faults  
  • Address issues in the vehicle safety systems  
  • Fix issues related to the engine and braking system   

Related courses: Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Overhauling (Course code: AUR40820) and Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis (Course code: AUR40216)  

3. Builder   

The construction industry is thriving in Australia. There is a massive boom in this particular sector. Therefore, you can easily land a good construction job if you are certified. There are different types of builders in Australia. With adequate experience, you can apply for a high-paying role. Some of the key responsibilities of a builder are:  

  • Prepare construction plans and drawings  
  • Ensure that the building codes and standards are met  
  • Ensure work safety and minimise the waste  

Related courses: Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) (Course code: CPC50220) and Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Course code: CPC40120)   

4. Commercial Cook   

A career as a commercial cook can also be a fantastic option for those passionate about culinary arts. It’s a great way to kickstart your dream of becoming an expert chef. Commercial cookery is not just about cooking. There are other aspects of the kitchen that you have to manage as well. The core responsibilities of a commercial cook are:  

  • Apply different methods of cooking during work  
  • Prepare different savoury dishes and desserts  
  • Ensure safety and hygiene at the workplace  

Related courses: Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (Course code: SIT30821) and Certificate IV in Kitchen Management (Course code: SIT40521)  

5. Plumber   

You can also consider becoming a plumber. As mentioned before, the construction industry is experiencing a boom. Therefore, the growing number of homes will also require more plumbers. A plumber mainly has to look for drainage, heating and gas issues. As a plumber, you have to use different tools efficiently to repair pipes and other structures. Your key responsibilities will be:  

  • Fix problems in the drainage system and other structures  
  • Install gas piping according to the designed plan  
  • Work with roof structures like roof sheets (for roof plumbing)  

Related courses: Certificate III in Plumbing (Course code: CPC32420), Certificate III in Roof Plumbing (Course code: CPC32620) and Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Course code: CPC40920)      

Ways to Obtain a Certification in Australia   

There are several ways you can obtain a certification in Australia. Completing a course is one of the most common ways of getting a certification. Depending on your training provider, you can attend the classes online or offline.  

You can also apply for an RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning assessment to obtain a certification. You need to have prior work experience and skills in the case of RPL.       


So now you know about the most trending trade jobs in Australia and the related courses. We hope that this article will help you to prepare a solid plan for your career. If you have any queries regarding trade occupations or courses, feel free to contact us. We will try our best to answer your queries.   

Good luck!