Did you know there are several reasons why your visa in Australia may be cancelled? Today, we are here to discuss this matter. You should have a clear understanding of the major reasons for visa cancellation before seeking migration services. It will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. Some of the reasons are easy to overlook, so it’s essential that you know about them. 

Always remember that some visa conditions and visa cancellation reasons may change over time. We highly suggest taking a look at the official government website for Immigration and Citizenship to learn more about the latest information. The reasons for visa cancellation in Australia can be classified into 06 categories. So let’s take a look at these 06 reasons. 

The 06 Important Reasons for Visa Cancellation

Now we are going to explain the 06 reasons for visa cancellation in Australia. We suggest taking your time and going through each point carefully. Write down any question that you may have while reading the article. So let’s take a look! 

1. Not Meeting the Visa Conditions 

Every visa subclass has its own set of conditions and other requirements that you need to fulfil. For example, you can generally stay up to 3 months with a Tourist Visa (subclass 600). In certain circumstances, it can be extended up to 12 months, but without having the permission, you cannot stay that long. 

Therefore, it’s very important to review the terms and conditions of any visa subclass while preparing your application. Every visa subclass has different conditions. Always remember to seek the help of experienced consultants during the process. Don’t forget to check the latest information on the official website as well. 

2. Failing to Meet the Character Requirements 

Your visa may be cancelled if you fail to fulfil certain character requirements. The Australian government is strict when it comes to character tests. Failing a character test may lead to the Minister of the Department of Home Affairs refusing or cancelling your visa. So it’s crucial that you are aware of this matter. 

If your record contains a sentence of 12 or more years of imprisonment, your visa may be cancelled. The time that you actually served doesn’t matter in this case. On the other hand, the Minister may also cancel or refuse your visa if you have been convicted of or found guilty of a sexually based crime (involving a child). 

3. The Application Contains False Information 

We have seen many applicants who have been refused visas in the country as their application contains false information. It’s a very serious issue which can create a of problems in the approval of your application. Unfortunately, many applicants intentionally include false information on their applications. 

In other cases, applicants may include wrong information mistakenly. Our suggestion is to cross check every step of your whole application with the help of an expert consultant. Make sure that you make no mistake when presenting your personal details like name, birth date, birthplace etc. An accidental mismatch can lead to the cancellation of your visa application. 

4. Involvement in Paying for Visa Sponsorship 

One of the main reasons why your visa may be cancelled in Australia is your possible involvement in paying for any visa sponsorship. There are certain cases where the Australian government may consider your situation. If you were involved in paying for visa sponsorship due to any exploitation or threat, the authorities will consider your case. 

Remember to provide the concerned authority with every piece of information if you are facing this issue. You should try to present your contribution to the Australian community with solid evidence. If you think that you were targeted by any scam, you should try your best to assist the authorities by disclosing the whole matter to them.    

5. End of Your Enrolment in a Course 

There are numerous factors concerning student visa cancellation due to the end of your enrolment in a registered Australian course. Usually, your enrolment ends when you complete a course. Please note that your actual completion date may take place before the date mentioned on your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). 

Please contact a skilled and experienced educational consulting service provider to avoid this issue. They will guide you through the process, including changing your course or institution if needed. Remember that the Immigration and Citizenship authority will always see a good academic record during your course in a positive light. 

6. Biosecurity Issues and Prohibited Items 

Importing animals, plants or food items that are not allowed and can damage the biosecurity of the country can also lead to the cancellation of a visa. Do not forget to check the list of prohibited items beforehand. Carrying prohibited items like drugs can even lead to extremely strict measures by the concerned authority. 

Your visa may be cancelled during immigration clearance if you do not provide the right information on your passenger card or biosecurity documents. You should follow the directions of the biosecurity officer. Please make sure that you are not carrying any prohibited item or any good that may harm the environment or agriculture of Australia. 

What to Do if Your Visa Is Cancelled 

You can make an appeal if your visa has been cancelled. But remember that this step is not possible if the decision was made by the Minister personally. Depending on your situation, you may also apply for a Protection Visa. A lot of the issues that we discussed can be easily avoided if you enlist the help of an expert or a skilled team of consultants during your visa application. 


We hope that this article will help you identify the most common reasons why visas are cancelled in Australia. We highly suggest being careful during the application period. You can always look for a reputed consultant if you need some assistance. Good consultants will provide additional information regarding visa subclasses that can be very useful.